Quest of the Bloodline: The Trial (Book 1)

A coming-of-age YA novel goes into the world far from human discovery. A place where vampires live in isolation.

In a world deep within the ghastly woods, Bronwyn Nightshade, a strange-looking vampire, wants to live a normal life like all the vampires in their remote town. Now seventeen, Bronwyn has to go through the Trial every seventeen-year-old vampire should go through. But nothing prepares her for the things about her past that would soon unfold.

Book Reviews

“I was having too much pure enjoyment that I didn’t notice that I was only a few pages away from the end. The book is so entertaining in every way.”

Marisela Beggs New York, New York

“The plot twists had me wanting for more. The characters are not what you expect them to be, and there’s a lot more to the story than what you read on the cover. Will definitely read the second book.”

Sierra Johnson Phoenix, Arizona

“It is not your typical YA vampire book. Rose Ethridge has done a great job coming up with fresh and interesting characters and building up suspense until the end. She’s now added to my favorite authors.”

Barbara Urban Denver, Colorado

Rose Ethridge

Rose Ethridge loves reading more than anything else. A graduate of creative writing, she turns her love for words into books and short stories. Quest of the Bloodline series is her first attempt at YA fiction.

Rose currently resides in New York City. When not reading, she enjoys shopping for books and exploring places.

Rose Ethridge
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I jerked my fingers through my tangled hair, trying to tame it into something dignified and airy. Not an easy task given the thickness and the brazen red color. Add on to that a late evening, and it would be a miracle if it looked anything close to normal.

“Heldens is going to kill me,” I muttered to myself as I raced up the stairs toward the early night classrooms. Heldens was my history teacher, and she had a delightful dislike for me that could only be categorized under disdain. I should have been grateful it wasn’t pure, unadulterated hatred, but it was hard when my grades were suffering for it. I could not get another C in history.

And, okay, I didn’t help myself out any by periodically being late to aforementioned class. But how could anyone blame me? I was a late sleeper and history was already so hard to focus on.

I shot my hand out to catch the pole of the railing and swung myself around the corner as I reached the top of the stairs. And then promptly threw myself into a very hard wall that felt suspiciously like a chest. The impact sent me spiraling backward, landing badly on my butt, and nearly stumbling back down the stairs I’d just run up. But a large, strong hand shot out and caught my shoulders before that happened.

When I finally forced myself to see who I’d just embarrassed myself in front of, I was horrified to see that it was none other than Alexandre Petrovic. Otherwise known as the hottest vampire in Holloway Boarding. His silky, dark hair had fallen forward, even darker against his smooth, pale skin. It wasn’t quite long enough to get into his eyes, but it was close. By the time my eyes got to his mouth, he was grinning.

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